A Powerful Seminar on Success:- Figuring out the True Definition and Meaning of Success

In this seminar we will figure out the true definition and meaning of success by applying the Rule 25.

No one can define success for you. You are a unique being and your uniqueness is in your DNA. You are the best person to know yourself in this universe.

There are as many definitions of success as there are people on this planet, and we all have our individual ways of measuring success based on what makes us feel complete, competent and fulfilled.

“For me success means to live life blissfully and to make this world a better place to live by helping others to become successful in life.”- Dibyasingh Ray.

Rule 25:

Rule 25 is a theory formulated by me for helping you to figure out the true definition and meaning of success for yourself. It goes like this:

Health – 25 (100%)

Wealth – 25 (100%)

Relationship – 25 (100%)

Inner Fulfilment- 25 (100%)

My Formula for Success = Health + Wealth + Relationship + Inner Fulfilment

Heath, Wealth, Relationship and Inner Fulfilment are the four dimensions of life. To become successful in life, you have to attract and have abundance in all the FOUR dimensions of life.

Often, when we see someone living in a BIG house, racing in his/her luxurious cars, having huge ancestral properties and millions of dollars in bank account; immediately we conclude without having a second thought that- he is living a super successful LIFE. Don’t we?

But as a matter of fact, the same person having abundance in the materialist dimension of life may be having and living a miserable life – Divorced, alcoholic and suffering from clinical depression; he must be ready to exchange anything in exchange of good health, peace and unconditional love. Do you still think – he is super successful in life?

In the very same way, a person having abundance in the Health and Relationship dimension of life, may be struggling in his/her Wealth and Inner Fulfilment dimension of life – Broke and negative. Could we say that he/she is successful in life?

For becoming truly successful in life, you have to understand and take a holistic approach towards success. You have to score well in the Health, Wealth, Relationship and Inner Fulfilment dimensions of your life.

Do something today for optimizing your Heath! Develop a habit of doing more than you are paid for, – for becoming wealthy in life! Have a little bit of contentment in life, in reference to money.

Take care of your parents and family. Tell them how much you love and appreciate them unconditionally. Do something amazing for them. At least, give them your time.

Do something special for your life partner! Love him/her unconditionally.

Take care of your siblings.

Have a lot of likeminded friends.

Do something good for the society. Give back something good to the society.

Work on developing emotional stability- be optimistic, proactive and blissful. Try to make this world a better place to live by first becoming a better version of yourself- for optimizing the Inner fulfilment dimension of your life.

Remember, you and the 4 dimensions of life are one! Optimize them accordingly.

“Success lies in understanding who you are and where you stand — and then deciding where you want to go, why you want to go there and to start progressing towards it, while enjoying the process.” ~ Dibyasingh Ray

Do something today, your future self will thank you for. Define the true definition and meaning of success for yourself.

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Stay blessed!

Dibyasingh Ray
Motivational Speaker, Business Consultant and Success Coach

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